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Clik-Lok Australia Pty. Ltd. is a commercial project to produce pharmaceutical products that are in increasing, world-wide demand. The primary products are safety syringes.

‘The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every year unsafe injections result in 80,000-160,000 new HIV-1 infections, 8-16 million hepatitis B infections, and 2•3-4•7 million hepatitis C infections worldwide’. Source: Reeler AV. Injections: a fatal attraction. Soc Sci Med 1990; 31: 1119-25.

The global demand is of immense scope. The ramifications of not progressing to safer methods of injection are monumental: Conservative estimates suggest that in the year 2000 alone, contaminated injections caused about 260,000 new HIV infections, 21 million Hepatitis B infections and 2 million Hepatitis C infections - and recent research published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS argued that up to half of all new HIV infections may be a result of unsafe injections. Many experts agree that this problem can be solved inexpensively.

For an estimated annual cost of less than one percent of the total $15 billion HIV/AIDS package recently approved by U.S. Government, the entire continent of Africa could be supplied with safe injection devices. Doing so would effectively eliminate this entire category of disease spread, according to another WHO report.

‘There is a solution to the problem of re-used syringes, however, and that is auto-disable injection devices. These have locking features that physically prevent re-use...’ Source WHO 2000 Papers and Reports – extracts.


Clik-Lok Australia's project has been proved viable, and has a market dimension that has yet to be quantified. It is certain, though that its position in the world market will be significant. Due to careful and methodical development and powerful inventiveness, Clik-Lok Australia have progressed a concept through the design stages to move towards the objective: large scale manufacture, distribution and sales.

The Australian origin of the company is an advantage in several ways: technology and resources to progress the initial development of the product have been sourced close to the home base & the corporate structure (under the Australian Corporate Regulatory system (ASIC) facilitates the controlled and auditable corporate framework of a public unlisted company.

The project has been implemented on time, meeting objectives, and within budget parameters. Clik-Lok Australia must now adjust its composition to be most effective in the second stage of the project, developing alliances and partnerships with off-shore based organisations, that will take the development to the marketplace.

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